Enlightened businesses are being driven by real purpose, human-centred leadership and community service. We at PerformanceWorks International are committed to this credo. We always have been. We are proud to support schools in SE Asia and communities in the UK like ‘All About Trafford’ with Wayne Devlin

But…Many vulnerable families and school kids in the UK are in need of food and help. Many on or below the poverty line and being pressured further by the pandemic fallout.

To fill the gap of no further funding from the UK Government, we are doing our bit, with many other businesses and local councils across the UK, to support @MarcusRashford (Twitter) and the charity he champions, FareShare UK, to make monthly donations.

We are pleased to provide at least 100 meals per week for those who need it. It is small compared to what big business can do, but if more of our small biz peers, partners, independent workers and others give a little, it will make a huge difference. Particularly now there is a gap between government responsibility and the reality at community level.

For those of you in the UK wanting to get involved, please visit here to find out more. https://fareshare.org.uk/donate/