Dr. Rochelle A. Haynes


Senior consultant, Performance Works International

Dr. Rochelle Haynes is a qualified and published HR professional, consultant and speaker. Rochelle has academic and practical, hands-on experience in HR-related areas such as employer branding, performance management, career/employability mentoring, cross-cultural management, teambuilding, leadership training, performance management and applying the principles of HRM to address the needs of companies operating in the digital age.

Rochelle’s true passion lies in applying HR to the growing field of the gig economy, Rochelle specializes in the emerging field of ‘Gig HR’, a term she coined to describe the discipline of using HRM to help companies enhance their working relationships with contract workers, ‘gig workers’, ‘digital nomads’ and other offsite stakeholders, whose physical contact with organisations is limited or non-existent.

Rochelle’s primary goal is to help organizations thrive in the digital economy through providing tailored management solutions that enhance engagement with off-site or geographically dispersed talent. She has a demonstrated history of working with public and private sector organisations, both locally and internationally, in the fields of Accounting, HRM and International Business, and holds a PhD in International HRM. Through her PhD, she has worked with multinational companies from several countries, including the UK, the US, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Denmark, and India, and has written on the strategic functions of expatriate managers in these global enterprises. In addition to lecturing and consulting, she is a member of, and works with, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) as an employability mentor across the UK, a role for which she was nationally commended. Rochelle has delivered specialist workshops and interactive sessions across different regions including Europe, Latin America and Asia on a wide range of topics including career enhancement, performance management, the digital economy, leadership development, expatriate management, and changing business models. Recently, she was invited to speak in Indonesia on the rise of the gig economy and its impact on organisational performance and stakeholder relationships, as a part of her on-going research project which has been funded by well-known and top-ranking financial institution, Santander Group.


At the current growth rate of the digital economy, it is predicted that by 2020, more than 40% of the workforce will be comprised of independent contractors. At present, studies from Deloitte and McKinsey indicate that independent contractors currently account for over 30% of the workforce of top performing financial organisations. This increasingly diverse workforce challenges current people management approaches as many organisations have proven to be unfit and unprepared for the changing world of work. For the firm and those who they hire, a limited understanding around the needs of different organisational stakeholders in the digital age has significant consequences, including reduced competitiveness due to incomplete projects, poor communication disengaged staff, and wasted resources. As a consultant, Rochelle’s mission is to help organisations fully understand the impact of the digital revolution on their internal process and create a roadmap for leaders to develop the skills needed to navigate their changing business environment.