Guest Practices S02E04 : The Decade Ahead : A Need for Genius Leadership


Special Guest:

Anna Liebel

As a Mindshifter, Anna helps male leaders in tech get out of firefighter mode to become the proactive, compassionate and brilliant Leaders they want to be; and to enjoy the journey as they go!

These are Anna’s Genius Leaders

Her practice guides all actions, conversations and coaching through tailoring to the specific needs of the individual as much as their business environment.  Anna’s main goal is to create a safe space for the leaders to explore new practices, learn to understand themselves and others; and get the support they have been lacking while being the go-to person for everyone else in their organisations.

As her clients put it, “working with Anna is like entering a room with soft walls where it’s safe to bounce around freely” and “it’s a real luxury to be selfish for this one hour per week and have space to focus on myself and my needs only”.

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Guest Practices S02E03 : The Persuasive leader – Influencing, supporting and accelerating team performance


Special Guest:

Bob Hayward

Bob is a Christian, a father to 4, a granddad to 5 (so far), a Spurs fan, an author of five Amazon best-selling books, and a popular international speaker.

He has had quite a journey from his beginnings in Tottenham, failing his A levels and even the entrance exam to become a Postman. But a bad motor bike accident, six weeks in hospital and a year on crutches changed the course of his life forever. He became a Registered General Nurse, then a spell in Intensive Care before taking a second-degree course in Psychiatric Nursing. After a 12-year career in nursing he started a Window Cleaning Business and then a Nursing Agency. Of the seven businesses he has started, the largest he grew to £12M, in today’s terms, in under five years.

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Guest Practices S02E02 : Empowered working – The reality and benefits of leadership at all levels


Special Guests:

Rosalind LOH

Sales and Operations Professional

Rosalind is Singaporean and is a driven, outcome-focused and results-oriented sales professional, with proven aptitude for learning and interacting at all levels.
Rosalind has worked at most levels within a number of teams in local and international companies, having a valuable perspective as both individual contributor and leader into the benefits of empowered working.

Thuy PHI

Instructional Designer

Thuy is Vietnamese and currently based in Singapore as an experienced instructional designer, with more than seven years in the Digital Learning field. She supports organizations in their digital learning  transformation and through creating engaging learning experiences. Thuy is a Millennial star who is firm believer in self-leadership and growth, supported by a commitment to lifelong learning.


Educator, Lecturer and business professional

Spanish born – Asian adopted, Antonio comes with more than 15 years of multi-level experience in Education, L&D, Teaching, Training, Coaching, Media and the Business Events industry. All of them APAC based.

A former co-founder of Las Lilas School, the first privately owned Spanish Language Institution in South East Asia, Antonio is experienced in working with major regional K-12, higher education organizations and business schools; as well as a parallel corporate track-record, at all levels.