Enlightened Leader – Empowerment and creating leaders at all levels within your organisation

Empowerment – the key to unlocking agility

Join Jeremy Blain and I discuss insights from the ‘Enlightened Leader’ white paper – A new leadership manifesto for the 2020s. Our conversation leads us to talk about the need for leaders to empower the workforce more and to create leaders at all levels within your organisation.

Jeremy also introduces his Amazon best selling book – The Inner CEO. A practical guide and game plan to creating leaders at all levels.

To download a copy of the Enlightened Leader whitepaper go to https://www.performanceworks.global/the-enlightened-leader/

If you would like to get a copy of The Inner CEO click https://tinyurl.com/b6eyhjk

Guest Practices S02E11 : Mobilizing middle management as custodians of growth for the decade ahead


Special Guest:

Judy McCutcheon

CEO, Go Blue Inc.

When it comes to organizational design, talent management, and training, Judy McCutcheon is an acknowledged expert who has been instrumental in helping businesses achieve excellence and deliver value.

A certified John Maxwell trainer and coach, Judy’s expertise has led her to practice across several industries including, finance, manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications, and retail. She has worked with businesses across the Caribbean region, North and Central America, and Haiti.

Judy strongly believes organisations and in particularly line management need the support, personal development focus and investment to adapt to the modern workplace. With that, they can better support growth for the rest of the organisation as coaches, collaborators and champions of its people

Judy holds an MBA in International Business from the University of the West Indies and a Master of Applied Psychology from the University of South Wales.

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Guest Practices S02E10 : The importance of being an active social networker to build your brand and your business – Tips, tricks and next steps


Special Guest:

Heather Barrie

Heather Barrie is a Connection Alchemist, Business Community leader and coffee entrepreneur from Sussex, England.  Heather is also a Master of Ceremonies for online events, a Green Party politician and has twice been named Business Personality of the Year!

Heather was delighted when she discovered Swedish Fika – it combines all her passions – coffee, cake and conversation! Heather believes that a great culture and community is at the heart of every successful business and that the creativity, collaboration and relationships that develop over delicious coffee should be central to all businesses.

Heather is the co-founder of My Business LINCS café with Richard Davies. This networking and learning community creates a space where inspired, connected entrepreneurs can meet virtually, across a range of events to build relationships, networks, new skills and new connections both personally and for their businesses.

Richard Davies

Richard Davies has enjoyed a varied 25-year career in Sales, Marketing and Learning & Development. He started at Kellogg’s and his last corporate role was at Shell where he was the Global Head of Learning Development and was responsible for the training and development of 500,000 people scattered across 62 countries. He left the corporate world at the end of 2016 to build a portfolio career. He co-founded My Business LINCS Café with Heather Barrie and brings an enthusiasm for Learning and all thing tech and social. His coaching speciality is helping people tell their true value story on LinkedIn. He believes in the power of communities to help people grow themselves and their businesses.


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Guest Practices S02E09 : What it takes to become and maintain your position as a thought leader


Special Guest:

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Mindy Gibbins-Klein MBA FRSA FPSA is an International Speaker and Coach who turns experts into thought/ful leaders and published authors.  Mindy has authored and co-authored 11 books, and her clients have written and published over 1000 books.

A native New Yorker, Mindy currently resides in the UK where she runs The Book Midwife®, Panoma Press, and REAL Thought Leaders.

Over the past 25 years, Mindy has presented to and coached over 50,000 business executives and entrepreneurs in 18 countries.  Her TEDx talk “Sometimes You Need to Change Yourself to Be Yourself” has nearly one million views. She has been featured over 100 times in the media, and her work has been licensed and syndicated across the globe.

Connect with Mindy on www.linktr.ee/MindyGK


WEBINAR: One CEO is not Enough – Welcome to the Age of Empowerment

Guest Practices S02E08 : Speed Matters! Creating a speed-savvy culture and ecosystem to fuel success


Special Guest:

Dr. Raman K Attri

Raman K Attri is a business and learning leader at a Fortune 500 company who works, researches, writes, speaks, trains, and embraces ‘SPEED’ in personal, professional & organizational performance. He helps organizations and professionals to do the same, staying competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment. It’s his living and his passion!

Dr. Raman has learned through his research that organizations need to build speed-savvy cultures and then implement speed-enabling ecosystems that truly accelerates learning and performance. His book: ‘Speed Matters’ aims to make ‘SPEED’ as the priority of futuristic leaders, executives, and managers to stay ahead in the competition.

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Jeremy Blain on Empowerment and the Inner CEO – Humans at Work with Michael Glazer

Michael sits down to talk with award-winning business leader, futurist and PerformanceWorks International CEO, Jeremy Blain about his latest book The Inner CEO: Unleashing Leaders at All Levels. This fast-paced conversation focuses on the theme of employee empowerment and includes many rich examples of how it touches nearly every aspect of people and organizations.