Leadership Guest Practices S03E03: Calling all Millennials : Unlock your dream self and be what you want to be


Special Guest:

Danielle M. Asah

Danielle M. Asah is an entrepreneur, author of the book ‘Becoming Your Dream Self: 7 Keys to Own and Control Your Life as a Millennial’, marketer, and the founder of the Creative Dream Academy in Cameroon; newly renamed and rebranded Digital Dreams (DiDreams). As a millennial marketer and entrepreneur operating locally and across Africa, she brings a unique understanding of how millennials perceive products and how they make purchasing decisions.

In recent years, her book: has found a new niche amongst other Millennials. Her versatile background means she is now in high demand to build leadership and entrepreneurial skills in others, across Africa and wider, through speaking engagements, seminars and workshops. Her aim in these is to educate, inspire and empower students, as well as to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in young people everywhere in their personal, professional, academic and community lives.

Connect with Danielle on:

https://linktr.ee/danielleasah  |  danielleasah@didreams.com

https://didreams.com/  |  https://dreamsapart.com/

Leadership Guest Practices S03E02: Positively impacting mental health and workforce wellness through an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace


Special Guest:

Kaumudi Goda

Kaumudi Goda (or KG) is a trusted business advisor, human capital strategist, executive coach, ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging’ expert and lawyer, who has helped transform Fortune 500 companies and clients across APAC, EMEA and North America. She serves on the executive boards of global organizations and as C-suite advisor.

She is the best selling author of ‘International Women of Color Who Boss Up

In addition to an MBA from ISB, Kaumudi has an LLM from the University of Virginia. Kaumudi practiced as an attorney for seven years in the U.S., and  is currently pursuing doctoral research on sustainability at the intersection of law, people and business.

Connect with Kaumudi Goda on:




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Leadership Guest Practices S03E01: ‘May you live in interesting times’: A blessing or a curse for leaders navigating the disruptive decade ahead?


Special Guest:

Prof Sattar Bawany

Prof Sattar Bawany is the Chief Executive Officer of the Disruptive Leadership Institute and the Centre for Executive Education (CEE).

He is also concurrently the Certified C-Suite Master Executive Coach with Executive Development Associates (EDA) Inc.

Prof Bawany was awarded the “2019 Executive of the Year for Human Resources Consulting” at the Singapore Business Review (SBR) Management Excellence Awards 2019.

Over the past 30 years, Prof Bawany has delivered senior leadership development and executive coaching engagement for clients globally across diverse industries while working with leading global human resource consulting firms such as Hay Group (now Korn/Ferry), Mercer HR Consulting and DBM.

Prof Bawany has over 20 years of concurrent academic experience as an Adjunct Professor teaching senior executives, leadership and organizational behaviour; international business strategies, and human resource courses at various leading universities in the Asia Pacific region. He is currently the Professor of Practice of Disruptive Leadership for the MBA in Disruptive Leadership & Digital Transformation at the IPE Management School, Paris, and the Adjunct Professor for Leadership at the School of Management for Asia eUniversity in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Prof Bawany is an accomplished author and has published extensive series of articles on related topics such as Leadership Effectiveness and Talent Management.

His latest book on “Leadership in Disruptive Times” was published by Business Expert Press (BEP) LLC, New York in July 2020,

His first book “Transforming the Next Generation Leaders: Developing Future Leaders for a Disruptive, Digital-Driven Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)” was also published by BEP in 2019.

Connect with Prof Sattar on:

DLI website: https://disruptiveleadership.institute

CEE website: https://www.cee-global.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bawany/

Email: sattar.bawany@cee-global.com

Out of a Job? Resources for Finding Remote Work, Succeeding and Knowing the Tools You Need by Eleanor Wyatt

Guest blog by Eleanor Wyatt, Remote Work Wellness


As a digital nomad, have you lost your work-from-home career during the coronavirus pandemic? As difficult as this time may be, there are some things you can do to find new remote work. And who knows, maybe you will stumble across work that you enjoy more than what you used to do!

To help you find remote work, transition to a new career, and get all the tools you need in these uncertain times, Performance Works offers the following resources to consider.

Implement a Plan

It can be easy to fall into the trap of staying in your PJs all day and watching TV. However, while it might be a few weeks before you land anything, having a plan in place can help you stay at the top of your game:

  • Add structure, like filing for unemployment and having a job search schedule
  • Turn to LinkedIn to make a more compelling profile
  • Reach out to your network to let them know you’re searching for employment
  • Go after future goals. Want to start a business? Start learning the ropes with these resources – Creating a business plan. Deciding what to sell.
  • If your home doesn’t accommodate your goals for starting a business, look into how much you can spend and find a place that’s more accommodating.
  • Incorporate a positive daily practice like meditation, exercise, journaling, or reading

Finding Remote Work

While starting with job boards is your best, consider some of the many companies that are currently hiring. Even if you land a part-time role, it could be a great launching pad for you to move to full-time. Several major companies hiring remote workers right now include:

  • Facebook, which plans to hire an additional 10,000 employees
  • Varsity Tutors, which expects to hire 10,000 instructors
  • Zoom Video and Slack, and both continue to add new jobs every day

Use Keywords to Help Your Resume and Cover Letter Stand Out

In addition to underscoring your experience and skills, you want to help your soft skills to stand out. This shows potential employers you are comfortable making decisions and working well with others. Show off some of your top qualities by:

  • Explaining how you applied courage with an experimental process
  • Highlighting your openness and how you show compassion and handle failure
  • Providing a situation where your integrity shined
  • Offering up an instance where you remained vigilant as you watched a project unfold

Chasing Success

To ensure you’re ready to go when that job lands in your lap, you need to be completely prepared on multiple levels. Having structure and tech in place shows potential employers you understand how to maximize productivity and take care of yourself. Things to consider:

Just because you lost your job doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Use these resources to help you handle a career upset, find remote work, make your resume and cover letter shine, and be prepared for when you get hired. In no time, you could be on your way to a revitalized career!