Leadership Guest Practices S03E06: What to wear?! Are clothes your secret superpower for the new normal?


Special Guests:

Andy Boothman

Andy Boothman is the founder of Busy as AB digital marketing agency and DressCode Shirts, a company designing and producing shirts that celebrate technology. Andy is passionate about the power of clothing, and strives to create the next generation of clothes, making them ‘smart’ in every sense of the word. For example, DressCode currently produce the World’s 1st contactless payment shirt, the CashCuff®.

In addition Andy’s mantra is to innovate and create technology enabled clothing that helps people in many aspects of daily life including health and wellbeing. Both Andy’s businesses are virtual, adopting #digital to #innovate and change perspectives, while maintaining a strong human touch. It’s all about #TechForGood

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Suzie Rice

Suzie Rice is an unconventional, passionate image consultant who helps ambitious professionals look the business, by making their confidence and style sizzle, without the headache of endless shopping trips! Instead, Suzie takes them and their wardrobes on a life changing journey to Style Heaven.  As Suzie says: “You’ll look like you, only better.”

So, If you want to get ahead and ‘stand out from the crowd’ but have little need for ‘suited and booted’ then you’ve come to the right place, Suzie specialises in snappy, dynamic dressing for business.

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Leadership Guest Practices S03E05: Mentoring for the future – Stories from Sierra Leone


Special Guest:

Rasie Bamigbade

Rasie Bamigbade is a business leader, entrepreneur, coach, author and speaker. Rasie was born in Sierra Leone, moved to The Gambia and is now living in Vancouver, Canada.

Leading her teams during her employment at McDonalds, Starbucks, HMShost and more, her leadership role was challenged frequently, and this kept her moving and impacting lives for the better. Her passion for people development, paving the way for the next generation of leaders, will always be her driving force.

Now, Rasie is a passionate leadership coach helping corporate leaders and business leaders lead their teams more effectively through their self leadership.
Rasie wrote and published her first book – ‘Lead In Your Truth’ in 2021 and has inspired more leaders to take action to lead their lives and teams more effectively. Now available on Amazon.

Rasie has never forgotten her roots and actively supports and mentors young people across Sierra Leone. In fact, she is an active supporter of one of the non-profit organizations started by and led by young people in the country: The Youth Movement For Sustainable Development Sierra Leone (YoMSuD-SL).

The main goal of YoMSuD-SL is to establish a foundation and create grassroots links to vulnerable youths, children, the disabled and seniors in Sierra Leone and across Africa through advocacy schemes, women empowerment, childhood poverty, sustainability in the environment and availability to clean, safe and sufficient water supply in rural communities.

Rasie has never forgotten that her own leadership journey started when she first had to deal with the hardships of civil war. Following that, being supported as a youth herself and given new opportunities to  play sports and be part of the Girl Guides movement, Rasie learned the value of adult mentors combined with youth opportunity.  She is proud to give back to the youth today, using her own experiences as a powerful start point.

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See more about Rasie’s business RB Jumpstart Coaching  https://pages.rbjumpstartcoaching.com/work-with-rasie


Please support us and get involved with The Youth Movement for Sustainable Development Sierra Leone (YoMSuD-SL).

The movement currently has a fulfilling and rewarding project (Business Skills Training and Support) for rural youth online and is accepting donations. Donations are used for poverty alleviation and employment support for 40 unemployed young people who are within the programme.

Find out more about our activities and community through our Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/yomsudsl for more of our activities in communities.


Leadership Guest Practices S03E04: Business needs our humanity now!


Special Guest:

Samie Al-Achrafi

Samie is recognised as one of the world’s leading voices on values and culture change, and has won a host of accolades including Most Visionary Business Transformation CEO, Game Changer of the Year, and Most Influential CEO of the Year.

His career spans six continents, working with governments and organisations around the world to create high-performance cultures underpinned by values. In 2019, Samie presented a TED talk on Why Business Needs Our Humanity, and the following year authored the bestselling book #Time4Humanity.

As the founder and CEO of Marmalade Fish, Samie leads a team of world-class facilitators and coaches to bring humanity to business, reaching over 1 million people in 2020. Marmalade Fish was the first certified B Corporation in the GCC, and has been named Best Organisational Change Consultancy and Change Management Company of the Year. Samie is also a partner at ELEPHAS Paris® – the first beauty brand in the world dedicated to elephant conservation.

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