Leadership Guest Practices S03E11: Empowered leadership at all levels: Lessons for business from the British Army


Special Guest:

James Cross

As a Design Director at Duke CE, James assists with the design and delivery of innovative developmental and educational solutions for a variety of global clients. He plays a pivotal role in collaborating with Duke CE’s faculty and teams to manage the client relationship, instructional design, budget and operational direction of customised leadership development programmes. Prior to joining Duke CE, James served as an Officer in the British Army for over 16  years. He has undertaken six operational tours in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and most recently in Afghanistan. Before transitioning into Financial services for 5 years.

Connect with James on:

Visit Duke Corporate Education here: www.dukece.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-cross-2ba7762b/


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