Guest Practices 02 : The Gig Revolution – Gig economy / digital nomads fueling organisational transformation and ways of working

Special Guest:

Dr. Rochelle Haynes, BA, MA, PhD, CIPD, HEA

Rochelle is a published author, global speaker, management consultant, and senior lecturer. She holds a PhD in International Human Resource Management and is the Founder and CEO of Crowd Potential Consulting Inc. Rochelle’s passion lies in applying good people management practices within the growing digital economy and she recently spent five weeks travelling across Thailand, a remote-working hotspot, to explore co-working spaces and interview globally dispersed workers. She specializes in ‘GigHR™’, a term she coined to describe the discipline of using HRM to help companies enhance their working relationships with contract or ‘gig’ workers, ‘digital nomads’ and other offsite stakeholders, whose physical contact with organisations is limited or non-existent.

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