The Platform Economy Up-Close & Personal: WDHB Launches Invitation for Open Expedition in Singapore


WDHB, the world-leader in designing and delivering experiential learning for people & strategy development with executives, has launched a call for an open enrollment expedition on the Platform Economy together with best-selling author and recognized authority on the subject, Sangeet Paul Choudary. The three-day program in Singapore will provide senior leaders and emerging future leaders in corporate strategy, digital transformation and innovation a unique opportunity to start, accelerate or deepen their venturing into a new paradigm of business model and ecosystem management.

“We continue in the tradition of agenda-setting, a function that our Learning Expeditions over the years have held for executive teams of many of our Fortune 500 clients.” said Samuel Mueller, Chief Growth Officer, on Wednesday, when WDHB released the call for this Open Expedition.

The three-day program, built as a purposeful combination of immersive strategic discovery and facilitated reflection and exchange, is suited for any executive interested in creating value from ecosystems as we live through the deep and disruptive evolutions of the foundational structures of value creation, also characterized as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The partner in co-design and co-delivery on this unique program is none other than Sangeet Paul Choudary, best-selling author of Platform Revolution and Platform Scale, whose work has been work selected twice as a TOP 10 Must-Read by the Harvard Business Review. On the choice of destination, he comments: “Singapore has seen the rise of the platform economy through a unique model of publicprivate cooperation where the government, incumbent firms, and startups have worked together to create new innovation. It is a unique destination offering insight into a tectonic shift of our time.”

As business models are becoming ever more modular, interdependent and exponential, having a clear platform strategy is key to finding an organization’s place and generating opportunities. The Open Expedition format provides exposure to current thinking and real-life examples on one of the most transformative trends of the global Digital Economy while also drawing valuable insight from peer- opeer learning across cultures and industries.

Sunil Narang, President & CEO of WDHB explains: “We’ve always been mindful of creating authentic moments for growth with our programs and want to avoid, by any means, the commoditization of those exchanges to the level of industrial tourism – hence our ambition to pick only cutting-edge topics for our Open Expedition series,” in reference to the company’s ambition of launching more open enrollment programs in 2020 on topics that push the frontiers of learning and strategic thinking within companies.

The Open Expedition «Driving Digital Innovation in the Platform Economy » will take place in Singapore from 2 to 4 December 2019 and is available as a comprehensive package at affordable rates of USD 4,250 (standard sign-up fee) or USD 3,550 (early bird sign-up fee by 13 Oct 2019) excluding travel and hotel. For more information and registration go to

Contact Samuel Mueller, Chief Growth Officer,, +41 79 509 43 46

WDHB designs and delivers programs for people and strategy development. Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989 and present in the United States, in China, France, Singapore and Switzerland, WDHB is the world leader in the field of experiential strategic discovery for executives and brings the spirit of authentic exploration and emergent learning also to formats such as corporate events and development programs. To date, WDHB has crafted over 600 programs enabling over 12,000 global decision-makers from various industries to progress both individually and in a team.

Sangeet Paul Choudary is the best-selling author of Platform Revolution and Platform Scale. He has advised the leadership of 30 of the Fortune 500 firms and has been selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He is a frequent keynote speaker at leading global forums including the G20 Summit, the UN, and the WEF. Sangeet’s work on platforms has been selected twice as a TOP 10 Must-Read by the Harvard Business Review: HBR Top 10 Must Reads 2017 and HBR Top 10 Must Reads on Business Model Innovation.

Award for Company that Transforms Businesses Approach to Technology

During the last quarter of a century that has been my working career, the world of work has changed beyond all recognition. This may be difficult for our younger readers to imagine but when I started my working life on a small regional newspaper in the Midlands the internet simply didn’t exist or certainly wasn’t something used by the general public. For us in our office the height of modern technology was a fax machine which at the time we were very proud of. Fast forward twenty five years and what a different world we live in.

One example I can give based on my own working experience in the publishing world is the fact that the print media is now dying a slow death. In years gone by in would have been impossible to imagine institutions of the UK publishing industry like Auto Trader and The Yellow Pages no longer printing but they are all no longer available in print format and now only available in digital form. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that in the modern digital age if you run a business you need to adapt and embrace modern technology or face falling behind your competitors and in the long term quite simply you cannot survive.

Everything from the way we shop to the way we communicate with each other has changed and the pace of that change has been dramatic. Whilst it’s impossible to predict the future, one thing we can be relatively sure of is that technology is going to continue to change our lives in the future. As a business owner what do you do and how do you prepare your organisation to take full advantage of the opportunities new technology will bring. Savvy business owners recruit the help of experts and when it comes to preparing you and the workforce for future opportunities in the digital age then multi award winning Performance Works are the go to people to help your business not only survive but actually thrive.

Performance Works International is an organisation whose focus is to get organisations, leaders and managers ready for the future now. They do this by building new professional and personal skills, delivered through consulting, training and other developmental interventions, growing individuals and positively impacting performance. In this age of disruption and constant change leaders need to navigate the future to remain competitive. They need to be innovative and reshape their business and organisational culture in an increasingly digitised world. Providing leaders with the right tools and guidance to achieve success within their respective industry is all important and this is where Performance Works are the industry leaders.

Founder and CEO Jeremy Blain reflecting on the success of Performance Works says, “Here at Performance Works International we are building on digital transformation and reinforcing the need for whole business model transformation. By helping leaders and managers to fully understand each component, operationally we offer something that has not been done effectively until now. We do this through intensive research, action oriented tools and consulting, including brand new models to guide organisations as they steer their businesses through the choppy waters of transformation. As a result our clients value Performance Works for its customer centricity, its strategic knowledge leadership and its operational know how in terms of rapid implementation, execution of initiatives and the deployment of global experts where they are needed the most to drive results.”

We first came across Performance Works when we read about them picking up an Award for Digital Transformation Consulting in Acquisition International’s prestigious Global Excellence Awards. Having looked into Performance Works it’s hard not to be impressed by their refreshing approach and the real difference they have made to so many organisations, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive world of modern business. It is with this in mind that South East Star have awarded Performance works with one of our 2019 Awards of Excellence. The award is well deserved recognition for the groundbreaking work they are doing preparing businesses to deal with the challenges they face in the digital age.

In terms of future outlook they remain as committed as ever to helping evolve how businesses and business leaders operate. They have several speaking engagements and webinars around the world in the pipeline, supporting this and 2 hour- 2 day leadership team sessions to introduce the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ as a catalyst to fast track the process. For more information on Performance Works International or any of the services that they provide please visit or telephone 07483 272471.

Press Release: Performance Works International and CEO, Jeremy Blain, win 2 major awards by ACQ5 Global Awards 2019

London, UK, July, 2019 – ACQ5 announces the winners of the 2019 ACQ5 Global Awards.


As voted for by cross-industry professionals, experts, partners and peers



Announcement from ACQ5 Global awards

The ACQ5 Global Awards, launched in 2005. The main purposes of the award is to focus on organisations and individuals that can demonstrate an ability to deliver services and skills to meet clients’ needs and adapt to market and regulatory conditions and to consider candidates that may not always be global in scale, but are truly world class in the way they are run and in the services they deliver to clients.

When Voting closed on the 14th of March 2019, the total number of nominations received stood at an amazing 97,416.

ACQ5 Global Awards decisions are firmly based on peer nominations following the receipt of detailed submissions from market participants and extensive year-round research into the markets in all global region. ACQ5 Global Awards cover global categories, best-in-class awards in all regions in over 100 countries around the world.

Says Jake Robson, Group Editor of The ACQ5.

“The 2019 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best of breed in all industry sectors and have earned these honours by standing out in a group of very impressive finalists. We are lucky enough to work with some of the most influential and enterprising private organisations in the world and are proud to share their message with our readers. Only nominees receiving an average 4-star rating or above achieved a short-list status
…Relying on reader insight and experience to provide nominations to the panel remains the cornerstone of our program and to identify industry leaders, individuals, teams and organisations that represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in the business world. Operating a legitimately independent nomination process, our award winners are chosen by our readership


Jeremy Blain and Performance Works International both received 5-star ratings across all voting categories and receives two international awards

Jeremy Blain – 5-star rated International GameChanger™ of the year 2019 for his innovative and ground-breaking services to the Consulting, Learning and Development Industry

Performance Works International – 5-star rated International company of the year 2019 (Leadership and Management Training) for its forward-thinking solutions, services and customer experience delivery


Jeremy Blain, CEO of Performance Works International responds:

“I am delighted to receive the International GameChanger™ of the year award for 2019 from ACQ5. Even more that this award is voted for by my customers, industry leaders, peers and experts.
This award represents the pinnacle of my journey as business professional, leader, expert and innovator within the transformational consulting, learning and development spheres. Industry 4.0 is forcing all organisations across all industry sectors to think and do differently. I have been committed to provide these organisations with insight, challenge and the NEW knowledge, skills and behaviours they need at all levels, starting with the Leadership Teams, for wining performance today and tomorrow…’

‘…I would like to thank ACQ5, my customers, peers and all those who voted for me to receive this prestigious honour. It has made me more determined to do more, challenge more and continue to support organisations everywhere with the new thinking and ways of working they need to compete and win as we hit the 2020s and beyond…’

Jeremy continues…

“…Furthermore, for my company, Performance Works International to win the International Company of the year for Management Training globally is a real honour. We have strived to provide leadership and management training / coaching that is different, challenging, practical and relevant to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Preparing leaders and managers to be ready for the future, now, is at the heart of our ground-breaking approach to training, learning solutioneering and the executive coaching we provide…’

‘…At Performance Works International we are not afraid to challenge leaders and managers at all levels with the reality of the shift required to compete into the 2020s and beyond. For some it is a question of survival; for others an opportunity to take the bull by the horns and develop a new winning mindset for themselves and their organisation…”

Jake Robson, Group Editor of The ACQ5 continues

“Every year, we seek their assistance of our readers, the industry itself, in recognising industry leaders, eminent individuals, exemplary teams and distinguished businesses, which we believe represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in a variety of fields – and every year, we turn to them to help as we strive to recognise an ever-widening spectrum of services, markets, industries and organisations that serve our global market place. We believe that by consulting our readers we can better identify the groups that are confronting the issues which face us at this ongoing complex juncture, and our awards will rise above the status of participation certificate and actually be an endorsement of their work.” Robson continued.

ACQ Global Awards’ Objective as Always: To gather quantitative and qualitative information from and about the sector to be able to give a set of “Best of” awards. We founded the ACQ Global Awards program to empower end users to make smarter, more confident decisions.

Our poll was not only designed to reflect actual performance in any particular area of expertise, it was also aimed to reflect direct market share based on a number of criteria. Voters were encouraged to base their decisions on addressing professionalism: experience, value for money & responsiveness in order for ACQ to derive a numerical rating from 1 – 5. In that sense, this poll should be considered a reflection of how professionals view any practice, individual or related sector supplier in terms of overall quality of service.

All Award Winners for the ACQ5 Global Awards are hereby released in the annual ACQ5 Global Awards 2019 publication. For more information, please visit or contact ACQ5 at +44 (0)871 218 2470.

To contact Jeremy or Performance works international please visit and complete a web form or simply email to


Agile digital vision of Asia is setting example for European businesses, says PerformanceWorks research

Leaders in Europe need to cut through bureaucracy and apathy or risk losing competitive advantage to more action-oriented international rivals

For any business looking to remain competitive, having a cohesive, well-defined digital vision and the strategy to properly implement it is essential. However, new research by PerformanceWorks and Bridges Business Consultancy, international providers of strategy implementation solutions, training and consulting services for business leaders and managers, has revealed that just 51 per cent of European organisations have a digital vision for the future, compared to 60 per cent in Asia and 65 per cent in North America.

In addition to this, European organisations are playing catch-up when it comes to a general readiness to digitally transform:


When asked to rate how ready they are on a scale of 1 to 10 (with higher numbers representing a higher level of readiness), respondents from Europe averaged a score of 5.1, compared with 5.6 in North America and 6.0 in Asia. Moreover, when asked how much cultural transformation is needed, those in Europe averaged a score of 6.1 (with higher numbers representing a greater need for transformation), while their Asian colleagues scored just 4.4.

For Jeremy Blain, Founder and CEO of PerformanceWorks, these figures illustrate how Asia is succeeding in putting together a digital vision, and combining this with decisive action and the fostering of a digital-first culture. Europe, in contrast, is risking stagnating in its digital development due to excessive bureaucracy and red tape.

Blain said: “The evidence shows how the agility Asia is showing when it comes to digital transformation is paying dividends. Take China’s move to becoming a cashless society as an example – by innovating in this way, the country has levelled the playing field from a technological point of view and enabled itself to compete with more established economies in the western world. North America isn’t too far behind Asia in this respect, but European businesses seem to be hampered by bureaucratic processes which will only lead to them falling further behind unless measures are taken to reform organisational structures, create a renewed sense of urgency to change, and embrace greater agility.”

To support this point further, the research also found that Asia is well ahead of the game when it comes to people being prepared to change the way they think and act.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with higher numbers representing a greater enthusiasm for change), Asia scored 6.5 on average, compared with 6.2 in North America and just 5.2 in Europe.

Blain added: “These numbers are a stark indicator of the work that needs to be done in Europe (and North America) to nurture a culture that sees a digitally minded future as the norm, rather than something to be regarded with disinterest, immobility or suspicion. Asia has blazed a trail and it’s important for Europe to follow suit as soon as possible. It’s no longer sufficient to assume that having been around for longer automatically puts you in a favourable position: those organisations that prove to be the most adaptable are the ones that will thrive.”

To help narrow this gap, Blain believes that leaders need to conduct detailed evaluations of their organisational culture, with an emphasis on improving the human touch within digital transformation so that all employees feel they are a part of the journey.

He concluded: “Without a willingness from employees to change the way they think and act, any digital vision is likely to fail. Winning hearts and minds in this area is about being able to connect with employees, communicate a vision effectively, and motivate them to embrace it on a long-term basis. This means not just having a digital vision, but having the strategy to execute it and ensure that this evolution in culture filters down throughout the entire organisation. Asia has shown that this can be done; it’s now up to Europe to make up this lost ground.”

The full findings from the research are summarised in the Transforming Your Company into a Digital-Driven Business report, which can be downloaded here.



About Performance Works

Performance Works International is focused on developing leaders and managers to be fit and ready for the future.

Managers need new skills to manage in a changing and often remote workplace. They have to mobilise and motivate people, drive positive change and ensure performance at all levels.

Performance Works understands these challenges and helps organisations map their route of change. Through its consulting services and bespoke courses, Performance Works builds new POWER SKILLS across your business and develops both leaders and managers to ready them for the challenges ahead. For more information, visit:


Press contact:

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Leaders still do not have the skills to navigate businesses through digital transformation, says PerformanceWorks

Technology is a powerful enabler, but leaders need closer guidance in bringing about the business and cultural changes required to make digital transformation a success

Digital transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, much of the debate so far has focused on new technology, and how businesses go about incorporating this into their business. Despite the inevitable importance of technology, more attention needs to focus on the fact that leaders in high-ranking positions at organisations still do not have the required level of skills and awareness to bring about the cultural evolution needed to achieve a fruitful digital transformation. This is according to PerformanceWorks, an international provider of training and consulting services for business leaders and managers.

Given the extent to which digital technologies have permeated both our personal and working lives, it can be easy to pigeon-hole digital transformation as being broadly a technological concern, with other factors being of secondary importance. However, according to Jeremy Blain, Founder and CEO of PerformanceWorks, this is an overly simplistic way of addressing digital transformation projects and their challenges, with the issue of leadership and the preparedness of leaders being of crucial importance.

Blain said: “Digital transformation has become something of a nebulous concept, so approaching it as a one-dimensional challenge isn’t sufficient if organisations want to make a real success of it. The technology aspect is evidently a huge part of it, but it’s crucial not to lose sight of the fact that a business is only as strong as its people.

“Unfortunately, leaders – often through little fault of their own – remain one of the biggest blockers to progress in this area. Implementing the cultural and human change that should accompany any digital transformation needs a comprehensive approach to training and long-term strategy which emphasises the gradual removal of older processes in favour of new ones, in a way that ensures staff are prepared and ready to embrace this evolution. At the moment, leaders still don’t have all the tools at their disposal to make this happen.”

To help better equip leaders to manage the human element of digital transformation, Blain believes that leaders themselves need in-depth training and guidance in the specifics of implementing digital transformation beyond the technological elements. This should include how best to train staff in new technologies and processes, how to free staff of the burden of time-consuming tasks and, essentially, how to build and carry out a strategy that ensures that this change in mindset is embedded from the top and maintained throughout the organisation in the long term.

He added: “Digital transformation comes from above: with that in mind, leaders need guidance in how best to do it, before they can then give effective guidance to the employees working for them. It’s about being able to balance the power of new technology with the need to maintain a high amount of human involvement, which helps keep internal morale high while ensuring that employees are well-placed to serve customers in the best possible way. By taking the time to equip themselves with this knowledge and insight, the chances of a seamless transition to a digital workplace will increase significantly. This is the key – build the right strategy from the very top, and the digital transformation will look after itself.”

He concluded: “This can only be achieved through consistent, inspiring leadership in which those in positions of responsibility are clear in what they want the long-term goal of the company’s digital transformation to be. The leader’s approach can’t be a piecemeal one: for it to be successful, leaders need to be present at the visionary level but also all the way through the process, otherwise the full benefits will never be seen. If this can be guaranteed, the labyrinth of digital transformation can be safely negotiated in the long run.”



About Performance Works

Performance Works International is focused on developing leaders and managers to be fit and ready for the future.

Managers need new skills to manage in a changing and often remote workplace. They have to mobilise and motivate people, drive positive change and ensure performance at all levels.

Performance Works understands these challenges and helps organisations map their route of change. Through its consulting services and bespoke courses, Performance Works builds new POWER SKILLS across your business and develops both leaders and managers to ready them for the challenges ahead. For more information, visit:

Press contact:
Sean Hand / Mary Davoudi
T: +44 (0)20 7388 9988